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Friday, April 28th, 2017

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Our Latest - Bible at a Glance

How do you get a handle on the Bible? Or to put it another way, how do you understand the big-picture flow of the Bible? Now those are hard questions! After all, the Bible is a BIG book! We know the Bible is a very important book. But how does a normal person grasp it?

We tend to learn a piece of the Bible here and a piece there. But that can leave us with a large and somewhat random collection of data, not to mention a minimal sense of how (or even if) it all fits together. No wonder people struggle with understanding the Bible. If we only had a unifying sense of how the pieces relate to each other and to the whole.

This brief Bible-based presentation will paint a picture that you can understand and remember. Using simple colors it will provide powerful insights and a high-level understanding of God’s grand plan for the ages. And it will do that in less than 15 minutes! Now that is a worthwhile investment in your Bible understanding and your spiritual growth.

Press here to view the presentation, or you can go directly to YouTube and search for “BibleAtAGlance” (all one word) and this presentation will be listed first. Press here for a copy of the final chart and the legend to remind you of key items on the chart.

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Bridge the Gap … with Scriptures Alive!TM

… a bridge from hard copy Bible study to the 21st century use of computers for Bible study – it works well with either

… an excellent tool for small group Bible study and discussion

… a creative new approach to maximize your effectiveness in Bible study

… a simple visual method to organize your study notes

… a great way to build your competence and confidence in Bible study

How to Study the Bible. Student study guide to learn Inductive Bible Study - observation, correlation, interpretation, application. Provides instruction and exercises with the Bible text arranged in a helpful outline-style layout. Use this creative new approach to energize your spiritual life. - a wonderful, practical way to do serious Bible study.

Scriptures Alive! – Colossians (Putting Christ First). Record your personal study through Colossians where Paul exalts Christ as both creator and reconciler, worthy of first place in our lives. See how he applies “Christ First” to address false teaching in the church and to encourage believers to “walk in a manner worthy of the Lord.” Also contains small group discussion questions, memory verses and background materials for Colossians.

Colossians – Small Group Leader’s Guide. Provides suggested answers to the small group discussion questions, drawn primarily from the text of Colossians. Suggests music related to the topics in Colossians. Also investigates several difficult passages in Colossians to aid the leader’s preparation.

Scriptures Alive! – Gospel of John (The Battle for Belief). Record your personal study in this six-lesson survey of the Gospel of John: Observe how Jesus interacts with people and challenges the Pharisees in the “Battle for Belief.”  John wrote his gospel “so that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God; and that believing you may have life in His name” (John 20:31).  Also contains small group discussion questions, memory verses and background materials for John. (Has a companion Small Group Leader’s Guide sold separately.)

Scriptures Alive! 1 Peter (How to Handle Suffering.) Like believers today, the first century church found that life was not easy, and further that they sometimes paid a price for their faith.  See how the great apostle, Peter, addresses the subject of suffering.  Peter encourages believers to (1) grow on a solid foundation of salvation in Christ, (2) learn to entrust themselves to God with a submissive spirit, and then (3) face suffering, firm in their faith that God will care for them.

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