2b. Appetizers

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For a 1-page Summary Chart of how to study the Bible, click here.

How to Study the Bible. Student study guide to learn Inductive Bible Study - observation, correlation, interpretation, application. Provides instruction and exercises with the Bible text arranged in a helpful outline-style layout. For sample pages from Scriptures Alive! - How to Study the Bible, click here.

How to Study the Bible Teaching Materials. Would you like to teach How to Study the Bible? Here is all you will need! This package contains six sets of PowerPoint slides with extensive explanatory notes, so you will be ready to go for a six session course. Also contains class handouts to follow each class. For sample PowerPoint slides from the How to Study the Bible Teacher’s Pack, click here.

For a plan to study through the entire Bible in 4 1/2 years, click here.


Scriptures Alive! – Colossians. Record your personal study through Colossians where Paul exalts Christ as both creator and reconciler, worthy of first place in our lives. See how he applies “Christ First” to address false teaching in the church and to encourage believers to “walk in a manner worthy of the Lord.” Also contains small group discussion questions, memory verses and background materials for Colossians. For sample pages from Scriptures Alive! - Colossians, click here.

Colossians – Small Group Leader’s Guide. Provides suggested answers to the small group discussion questions, drawn primarily from the text of Colossians. Suggests music related to the topics in Colossians. Also investigates several difficult passages in Colossians to aid the leader’s preparation. For sample pages from Scriptures Alive! - Colossians Small Group Leader’s Guide, click here.

Colossians – In-Depth Study. Over eighty pages of notes in the Scriptures Alive format – observations, correlations, interpretation, applications, and thoughts from Bible commentaries. Use this to compare and stimulate your own study. For sample pages from Scriptures Alive! - Colossians - An In-Depth Study, click here.

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