4. Endorsements and Reviews

People have said some nice things about Scriptures Alive, with particular focus on “How to Study the Bible”.  Below are some endorsements and reviews.

Nothing in this world is more important than understanding what God has written in His Word. ‘Scriptures Alive’ condenses and synthesizes the inspired message for believers to grasp real meaning in the Bible. Use this tool to energize your spiritual life.

Howard G. Hendricks

Distinguished Professor Emeritus,
Dallas Theological Seminary

Many Christians struggle with studying God’s Word on a regular basis. If you are struggling, here is a tool that will make it easy to jump-start the process of regular, in-depth Bible study. I highly recommend this material to all who are serious about studying the Bible.

Lon Solomon

Senior Pastor, McLean Bible Church, McLean, Virginia

If your personal Bible study isn’t what you want it to be, here’s a practical approach that will help you learn how to really study the Bible. For an extra bonus, use it to study the Bible with your spouse!

David & Claudia Arp

Creators of 10 Great Dates and
co-authors of 10 Great Dates to Grow Together Spiritually

Jim Battle has given a huge chunk of his life to helping people realize “The Bible is for you!”   It’s his life message.  His passion is to see all people studying God’s Word first hand.  If you want to learn how to study the Bible, you cannot find a better guide that Jim… or a better place to start than his “Scriptures Alive!  How to Study the Bible.”

Roc Bottomly

Lead Pastor, Our Lord’s Community Church

Senior Fellow (former), Focus on the Family Leadership Institute

· Review by:

Allan McCullough on Apr. 07, 2011 : (rated 5 stars)
To many, the Bible is an out-of-touch book that we force ourselves to read because it is a “spiritual-discipline.” However, when one, guided by the Holy Spirit, can have the Scriptures come alive, it no longer feels like an obligation but rather a privilege to interact with the Word of God. Jim Battle’s Scriptures Alive is an incredible method to begin to understand the Bible in a practical and relevant way. I highly recommend it!
Allan McCullough
Pastor of the Gathering (former)
McLean Bible Church