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Scriptures Alive! Course Descriptions

In addition to the standard weekly class format, these courses are available in a weekend retreat setting if desired. Also, a number of small groups use Scriptures Alive! materials for their lessons.

How to Study the Bible (6 weeks)
Bring your Bible study into the 21st century with the creative computer-driven approach of Scriptures Alive! Learn inductive Bible study using four simple steps - Observation, Correlation, Interpretation and Application. And apply your “how to” knowledge with the provided exercises.  Exercises are available in the traditional paper-based approach and also in Microsoft Word format.

The Book of Colossians - Putting Christ First (6 weeks)
Like Christian believers today, those in Colosse were surrounded by many philosophies of men, competing with their genuine faith. Paul directly addresses the spiritual error. And he teaches believers how we can grow to spiritual maturity. See how the message “Christ First” permeates Paul’s purpose in life, his approach to opposition, and his instruction for walking “in a manner worthy of the Lord.”

1 Peter - How to Handle Suffering (5 weeks)
Like believers today, the first century church found that life was not easy, and further that they sometimes paid a price for their faith.  See how the great apostle, Peter, addresses the subject of suffering.  Peter encourages believers to (1) grow on a solid foundation of salvation in Christ, (2) learn to entrust themselves to God with a submissive spirit, and then (3) face suffering, firm in their faith that God will care for them.

The Gospel of John - The “Battle for Belief” (6 weeks)
Witness the “Battle for Belief” as John introduces Jesus, the Pharisees challenge Jesus, and the disciples learn from Jesus. See how Jesus interacted with people, showing both compassion and strength.  After Jesus suffers a brutal death on the cross, experience His disciples delight as they grasp the fact that “He is risen!”

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